Store and share lists of politicians

Planning a site or an app about politicians, or other influential people? PopIt makes it much easier.

PopIt helps you make and maintain information about politicians, and generates open data to power your project.

What is PopIt?

PopIt helps you create, use, and maintain lists of public figures as structured, open data, accessible through a simple web-based interface.

See some examples:

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Why use PopIt?

Easy administration

Create and maintain your public list of politicians or candidates through an ultra–simple interface.

Structured data

PopIt handles the tedious parts of data management so you can spend time on more important things.

Share your data

PopIt means anyone can generate public lists of politicians, candidates, judges and other powerful people – and make them available for all to use.

Hosted & backed up

We do it all for you. There's nothing to install, saving you precious time, money and stress.

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How it works


Add people and organisations to your PopIt via bulk upload or through the user interface.


Help others find, understand and reuse your instance.


Use PopIt in your application to manage people via the API.


Publish your PopIt and allow others to use your data in their projects.

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Friendly interface

A capable, easy to use web interface to manage your people data

Powerful API

A JSON REST API to programmatically Create, Read, Update and Delete your data.

Open standards

Built on the widely adopted Popolo data standard. PopIt is infinitely compatible.

A Poplus Component

Designed so you can drop it into your wider project. It works with other Poplus Components too!

Start managing your people data with PopIt

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