It should be possible to manage all the public data stored in a PopIt instance using the API. This includes adding, updating and deleting records.

For details on editing images see Images and the API.


No authentication is required for read access. For write operations on the API you need to be authenticated. This can either be done using Basic Authentication or by cookie auth. Basic is probably best for scripts and programatic access, cookie based for Ajax calls etc.

Method summary

PopIt closely follows the suggested REST method behaviours, but with a few deviations:

Collection endpoint: List documents Not implemented Create document Not implemented
Document endpoint: Retrieve document Update document Not implemented Delete document

Creating a new document in a collection

If you POST to a collection you will create a new entry.

This is an example of sending a request using cURL (a command line tool). The command is first, the response received from the server is printed afterwards.

$ curl                                                          \
    --request POST                                              \
    --header "Apikey: 2a0abbefe6aefb67ba5302a12570c2af2a7f4433" \
    --header "Accept: application/json"                         \
    --header "Content-Type: application/json"                   \
    --data '{ "name": "Joe Bloggs" }'                           \

  "result": {
    "id": "50d1f2e1c03858f9f6000006",
    "name": "Joe Bloggs"

Note that the request was authenticated using the email address and password of the user.

The Content-Type is set to application/json. This allows nested values to be correctly sent. The Accept header is also set to JSON, but this is not strictly necessary as PopIt will default to JSON responses (and it is currently the only format supported).

Updating an existing document

Updating a document is done by sending the whole document in the PUT request. Any fields that are omitted in the request will be removed, and replaced with the default.

When you put the order of items in arrays (like images) will be changed as well if needed.

Deleting a document

Sending a DELETE request to a document url will cause that document to be deleted. An empty 204 response will be returned.

$ curl                                                          \
    --request DELETE                                            \
    --header 'Apikey: 2a0abbefe6aefb67ba5302a12570c2af2a7f4433' \


Not Implemented Methods

These are PUT and DELETE on collections. Implementing these would mean that you could replace an entire collection, or delete it, in one operation. It is not likely that this is something that you’ll want to do often, and the penalty for doing it by mistake is high.

A POST to a document endpoint means that you should treat the document as a collection and add an entry to it. For PopIt this makes no sense and so it is not implemented.

All the not implemented methods will return the status code 405 Method Not Allowed.